How to TEST Your Coolant for the Winter (Before Major DAMAGE is Done)

Publicerades den 7 dec 2020
Learn how to test your antifreeze, and how to change your coolant to make sure it is protecting your car's engine and cooling system properly. In this video I cover what how to properly test your coolant and top off your radiator so it is a 50/50 mix that way your car wont overheat and your engine block wont freeze or corrode.
Also if the heat in your car is weak or you dont have heat, in this video I will show you how to bleed the air out of the cooling system so you can get heat Coolant is 50% antifreeze and 50% distilled water. And no, freeze plugs are not going to save your engine block from freezing and cracking every time.
Coolant Tester:
Concentrated PEAK 10x:
50/50 PEAK 10x:
Distilled Water (no minerals):
Spill Proof Funnel:
Large Fluid Storage Container:
Temperature Chart for Antifreeze:Water:
How to SUPER FLUSH your Coolant:
How to Flush your Heater Core:
How to Diagnose and Fix NO Heat in your Car:
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  • Just dropped brand new DriftStang "Ugly Sweaters" which are actually really comfy: This is an important video I wanted to get out asap before the really cold part of winter sets in! Here are some other related videos: How to SUPER FLUSH your Coolant: How to Flush your Heater Core: How to Diagnose and Fix NO Heat in your Car:


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    • @Krischen Price do note that that some people get away with calling some things the wrong way, and it in fact becomes their identity, that this man calls this thing this way and not that way. Christopher is also one of them, with his identity becoming him always calling water as 'wooder'.

  • Hello i run 100% anti freeze concentrant that goes up to -60 celcius is that usualy some kind of a problem or not ?

  • in my car i use about 40% and stil good dont go below 1/3 or 33% above this is 100% safe ( in my experience )

  • 11:58 My Volvo 850 have like a 5 liter washer fluid i do not think 15 sec holding it empty it enough i can use that tank for the entire summer without changing out so when it getts close to winter i use it for 5-10 sec a day while driving until it is empty and then i fill with winter washer fluids and on spring i doo the same to get too summer fluid that help with removing insects and other stuff on the windshield :) ow and i think some cars have an extra washer fluid container in the back for back washer i am going to check that on my car because i get no washer fluid on the rear window :D

  • Hey chris are you intrested in Electric car like tesla 😀

  • I couldn't find good old antifreeze

  • The why he say water

  • My ford escorts block craked because the coolant froze. The coolant froze because my fathers brother borrowed the car and it overheated. The he forgot to drain it and winter came and it freeze

  • What will happen if I use 100% coolant without water mix to the car..

  • 1 day i had a dream of me driving my car and saw my temp guage spike up to the hot line few CM away. that was unexpected😥😅😅

  • That liquid looks yummy

  • Hi Chris I was looking at auto tempest. There is a nice 2005 chevy truck price is 1.00$. There must be something wrong with the truck

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  • "Fixing" to get my ASE Certification once I watch all your videos.

  • What to do on hot weather

  • Is it possible to put too much antifreeze? Why don’t you just go 100%?

  • What about electric cars?

  • This video for my brother is NUTS

  • WOODER!😂

  • What will happen if i use anti freaz alone?

    • @ChrisFix thx wooder

    • You would (ironically) have a lower freezing point, much less heat transfer ability, and any additives they put in wouldn't work because it requires wooder to suspend the molecules!

  • Yo I must be drunk I thought it was really snowing 😂

  • Hi I’m a kid and I want to be a mechanic you are giving a lot of tips an Tricks and that’s why I watch your Channel

  • 2:34 we had a car that had a cracked block because water got too cold and froze, the freeze plugs didn't do their job (it was a PT cruiser)

  • I dont know that, but can you add the straight antifreeze, without a 50/50 mix?

  • the coolant looks like pee

  • Sometimes when I watch these videos I wonder what Chrisfix might be fixing right now.

  • Wooder

  • The jaguar looked like it had oil in the water when you drained the radiator...

  • Being someone from Malaysia, specifically a mere 4.4 degrees north of the equator where we never go below 24°C or 75°F, I always find 'antifreeze' confusing and it's to be something needed in cold places only, turns out it's a 50/50 mix and has higher boiling temp. Glad to learn that! Also, I always use hose wooder for my wipers since it doesn't freeze here. Not something I'd recommend but for people where I'm from it's pretty normal.

  • My area gets sooo cold in winter and it becomes a pan in summer

  • Texans: hmmmm good to know

  • Try the tool with salt water and see what it shows.

  • The best and informational videos I have seen I actually learn something from your videos when I go to my Technical Career school for Automotive Technology I could use the knowledge I get from your videos on whatever I’ll be doing

  • bro its not "wooder" it water

  • Chris you know the roll cage I have a idea for the colour black roll cage but have lots of Chris fix sticker like a sticker bomb

  • why do you still have that jaguar

  • i have a quick question and please don't laugh im new to working with car but what will happen if u just put straight anti-freeze?

  • What coolant is for my 2003 Acura TL I’m doing to my car everything I have seen in your videos Thank you very much for shearing your knowledge When I hit the SUBSCRIBE bottom, Wow I Felt very happy because I love your channel !😃 Your Chanel is great !

  • I Would Protect It To -84 Degrees Fahrenheit (64.4 Degrees Celsius)

  • I want to know why my cars water reserve looks dirty!!!,!,

  • By your voice you seems young and i’m proud of it. You have a good knowledge about what you’re talking! Good job man, greetings from Italy

  • Best videos this guy has always so clear

  • don't forget to change your summer air to winter air in tires!

  • Its cool the way he says water wooter

  • Hello Chris, I have a question. You say at 10:40 that there is no problem if you come a little over the maximum line with the cooling fluid. But when I use the Spill Proof Funnel, I am actually very much above the maximum line. Actually, the liquid is then filled all the way to the top. Do I have to take liquid out until it is at the maximum line? Greetings from Germany. PS: Cool that you now have a German car :)

  • Hey guyssss I appreciated it lol

  • No body in this world explain much more better than this .... Fantastic explanation ... Thanks a lot .. Your brother from india...

  • How the 🤬 does he have that meany cars

    • The blue and silver one is his dad's, but the creme one is his I think. The white car was vandalized I think, I think he's either fixing it for someone or something.

  • Are we allowed to use a funnel for topping off the washer fluid?

  • Sorry if this has been asked already, but I doubt it has because I can't find the info anywhere. I'd like to test my coolant, but I'm finding it difficult to understand why everybody is checking the fluid not from the radiator itself, but from the reservoir. From my understanding from what I have read, the expansion reservoir does not actually circulate coolant through the system, it only acts as to 1.) not allow overflow from spilling onto the ground, 2.) does not allow air to enter the system, and 3.) maintains 100% fill in the system if there is a leak, or other issues, such as burn off, or whatever. If what I'm reading is correct, the only time the liquid in the overflow tank could actually be sucked into the system is possible during the expanding / contracting process, or if there is a leak / burn off of the liquid within the circulatory system. So, if people are checking the reservoir for proper concentration of the liquid within the system, isn't that completely incorrect? Please learn me here... I'm dumbfounded and probably wrong.


  • I have a bunch of question... I have rust in my radiator and its leaking at about 12 blade no's of the radiator and it was totalled to be weld... When I'm buying aftermarket radiator, it stated on the box "DON'T USE COOLANT" So, i used filtered water as my radiator coolant... My question is 1. Why the warning for not using coolant?? 2. If i wanted to use antifreeze and antirust, it is gonna effect the radiator? 3. My radiator still have rusty water, is it normal?

  • This stuff about winter makes me laugh. I am in Western Australia, we think anything below 60 degrees fahrenheit is cold. We never have freezing issues. A slight bit of ice on the windscreen in winter is an extremely big deal!

  • Where did you find the source that says freezecaps are just holes from manifacturing? thnaks

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  • what happens when you dont put 50 50antifreeze and water but instead you but 100percent antifreeze

  • where js the driftstang 0-0

  • Do keep in mind that distilled water does transfer heat away from components better than straight antifreeze, so if you live in hotter climates that does not see freezing temperatures you can mix more distilled water than antifreeze such as what was in the Jaguar for more effective cooling. Other than that, great video Chris!

  • That 50/50 mix isn't that important, just have it around the freezing temp you need it, if you have 65/35 antifreeze it's ok, don't make it a math challenge xD

  • I remember back in the day when me and my buddies had to cover my cars hood with a thick blanket and park it in a wind resistant spot becuse my Waterpump was leaking and i put pure water in the cooling System. It was like -10 Celsius and I really was woried that my cars Block would crack,so much so I drove it hard to get it up to temperature and then let it sit thru the night... Remember it to this day,nice Video Chris,keep it up Buddy,can't wait for the Turbo Del-Sol video.😁

  • The spill proof is actually amazing it has really helped me when I’ve had to flush 2 different radiators, and it makes getting the air out so easy that A kid could do it

  • Wow nice bro! King!!!

  • Well my Lil Japanese car is toast! Live in Canada and it's been -50 for a week. Dang

    • @ChrisFix I have no clue, whatever coolant it had in Japan. But all I know is there's probably not a lot of antifreeze in there. Goodbye engine block.

    • What ratio do you have in there now?

  • good nice

  • This is a spare engine I have

  • Nice video Chris. You could take testing of coolant a little further though. This method only tells you that the coolant is strong enough to stop your car from overheating or the coolant freezing it doesn't tell you if the corrosion inhibitors are still doing their job. To do this use a multimeter. Set it to millivolts scale DC or 20vDC .Put the negative probe on a good ground and the positive probe in to the Antifreeze. The reading should be below 200 millivolts or 0.2v. Anything higher means that the inhibitors are failing and there is an electrolytic reaction taking place. Give it a go.

  • Bro I live in California, we don’t have to worry about the cold 🥶

  • Was wooder a joke or just him.

  • 10:12 I see no watet

  • Iv just had to do a coolant flush on my car. Brilliant for saving money if you know what your doing

  • Can‘t i just put 100 instead of 50/50 ?

  • How about 75/25 ratio is it good?

    • What kind of climate do you live in?

  • Will the drift car actually get the new engine because you said you will try to get the PI supercharger to work with the stock engine. Also will the car get big cams someday? And lastly can we expect the supercharger video to come out this year or will it probably be next year?

  • why don't we fill the entire thing with anti-freeze?

    • Coolant needs the properties of water for heat dissipation and to reduce the freezing point for it to work!

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  • thank you im going through and watching all your videos

  • Crisfix is my daddy

  • is there any benefit to buying 100% antifreeze and mixing yourself or just getting the gallons of 50/50 premix?

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  • I use the Prestone Deicer fluid in my washer fluid reservoir. I also use the Prestone Deicer fluid in spray bottles to deice the windshield and windows when there is ice on them and let it sit and most of the time I don't have to do any scraping. You can find Prestone Deicer at Walmart or Dollar General or even on Amazon

  • So if I live in a place where it gets colder than 34 degrees Fahrenheit should I just not put in any coolant?

  • Snap to transform, flick to freeze! SEnewss Midas touch!

  • You like doing science

  • Can we use that to bikes too?? So they can't freeze .can we??

    • Don't see why not

  • Not gonna lie ChrisFix is a teacher for cars thanks MrChrisFix

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  • Hahaha. My dad and I serviced coolant for an old project truck and we opened it while it was hot.

  • Why am I watching this? I'm not old enough to have a car, let alone be fixing one, and I have a test in 2 hours.

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    • That's how it sounds when I say it haha