How to Install LED Bed Lights (Fun DIY Project)

Publicerades den 30 jan 2020
Learn how to install LED strip lights in the bed of your truck or under the hood of your car for less than $30. I show you how to wire the white LED strip lights with a push button switch and a magnetic switch so when you open the tailgate the lights come on automatically and illuminate the inside of the truck bed.
You can also install the LED lights under the hood of your car so when you open your hood, the lights turn on automatically or with the push of a button. In this case we are working on a Ford Raptor pickup truck but the LED light installation process is the same on any vehicle.
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Products Used
LED Light Strip:
LED Strip Light (Ebay):
Magnetic Switch:
Push Button Switch:
Very High Bonding Tape:
Wire Connectors:
Wire Protector:
Wire Crimper:
Wire Stripper:
Soldering Iron:

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  • Hey @ChrisFix! I just want to say thanks SO MUCH for your videos! I'm an 18 year old girl who knows absolutely nothing about cars and I've always been too scared to buy one, but with your videos I just got an amazing deal on my first car and it's in great shape! You also helped me prove my boyfriend wrong haha because I changed some brake pads, rotors, and did an oil change all by myself which was the coolest thing ever! So keep doing what you do because it's helping millions!! :)

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  • A 16 AWG size wire with a 10 amp fuse sounds good to me.

  • My Cybertruck will have strip lights around it. I may have to install strip lights on the inside of the pickup truck bed equipped with a switch. Neat! Thanks Chris!

  • Couple tips.. from someone who's installed thousands of those magnetic switches professionally over the last 15 years.. that factory double sided tape will not last long at all with the weather. Also, when using a relay (switch) to break power, ALWAYS break the positive leg instead of the negative.

  • I’ve fucked with this shit for 2 hours and still can’t get it to work! And was to mad to just rip all of it out throw it away 🤦🏾‍♂️ I ordered the switch in your description but all the wire colors are different. And the LEDs were coming on and just staying on but now they won’t do shit any idea what to check @chrisfix

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  • Very nicely done, as always. I personally think it's disturbingly bright, so I guess I will have it installed under the rails only and not where it is shining in your face. But overall a very nice idea! Cool truck btw! And one thing I learned from a car loomatic..... the front part of your protective tubing needs to be properly fastened. So wrap the black tape around the cable three turns, then slide your tubing over it and run the tape through the opening of the tubing. When you now wrap your black tape around the tubing it it will never loosen itself.

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  • So you removed the side led lights? Don't see any bounce back from them....

  • Can you tell me if the fuse is normal size or its the small ones?

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  • Idk if you'll still respond but why didnt you steal power from the tailights?

  • is it possible to turn the bed lights on with the tail gate closed ?

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  • I've never heard a step bit called a Christmas tree bit and I don't know that I'd ask a store employee where their Christmas tree bit are or they might look at you funny. I appreciate the video. I never would have thought to buy a magnetic on/off switch but I'll definitely be using one to light up my car so thanks for the idea!

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  • could put a washer around that switch and used the factory hole

  • Brilliant work

  • Question---is there any particular reason to not wire it so the switch can be a true on/off switch but also with the magnet switch. In other words I would like the option of being able on some rare occasion to 'override' and turn on the bed light with the tailgate closed.

  • 1:03 if someone slam my door like that.. I kick his a** out

  • Less than R 30

  • Creo que la forma más correcta de conectar el interruptor es en el cable de alimentación y no en la masa. Por lo demás ,buen trabajo 👍🏻🇪🇦🇪🇦

  • Hey @ChrisFix, I own a 2017 Ford F150 that came with an LED light switch located at the driver side by the tail gate. Unfortunately the LED lights are located at each corner by the tailgate and does not light up the bed very well because I also have the Ford foldable bed extender. If I were to use the 16' LED strip, can I hook it up the the existing OEM LED switch?

  • It's really called a uni-bit or a stepper bit I'm pretty sure if you went to a store and asked for a Christmas tree bit they would want to know if you was ok

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  • Lights everywhere now. Lol jk jk. Sensible places.

  • To add a comment, the magnetic switch that is used, is a normally open switch. Do not get a normally closed switch for an application like this. A normally closed switch will work, but it will need to be set up differently.

  • Chris, great info thanks. I'll be installing these on my friends truck soon.

  • done, custom wired 2 set of leds under a Diamond Back cover using this set up. quick disconects from the auto parts store were the ticket. Thanks @chrisfix

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  • Thanks. I had a camper shell put on my GMC Sierra and the factory LED by the lift gate is lousy. I’m going to add strip lights to the inside of the shell but I want to button switch to light up. I wish you would’ve shown how to wire that up too.

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  • Not sure what kind of amps the lights are pulling, but there’s always sources of power closer to the install. IE taillights, trailer connectors. Lots of other places to pick up a constant hot vs running a whole new circuit. Just make sure the maximum power usage is still under the stock fuse and wire size for the whole circuit. Just what I’d do on my own car not advice on yours.

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  • The switch I ordered from the list came without a wiring diagram and has red, white, black, brown and blue wires. Also, does a tailgate assist interfere with placing the magnetic switch?

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  • I’m sorry the install was fine but if you want LED strips for your car to last long, buy some high quality ones and not some shit of Amazon for $15, alr made the mistake and it looked like shit so I bought some made for cars for $45 and they’re amazing

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