What is the BEST Fuel to Use in Your Car or Truck and WHY

Publicerades den 15 okt 2019
Ever wonder what grade gasoline should you use in your car (what octane)? Are you paying for premium gas when you can just use regular? Are you using regular and damaging your engine? This video will bust all of the myths and tell you the FACTS on what fuel you should use and why.
Many people throw money away and fill their car with the incorrect fuel every day. Running premium or midgrade in a car designed to run regular is a waste of money and has no HP or MPG benefits. You will not make more power or get better fuel economy running premium fuel if the car manufacturer tunes the car to use regular gas in most cases. I also see some people run regular gas in cars that need premium and the knock sensors have to adjust timing significantly to prevent damaging engine knock. I also hear a lot of people say that premium gasoline has more energy or burns cooler or slower so I will put a rest to all of these "myths" with facts.
More info on fuels and additives: www.shell.us/motorist/shell-fuels/shell-v-power-nitro-plus-premium-gasoline.html
Fuel Injector Machine I used: amzn.to/2MeGbnZ

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  • I hope you guys like the animations and all the extras that went into this video! It took a while to do (you guys who follow me on Instagram know lol) but I think it is worth showing you examples instead of just taking my word for it! For those asking, here is where I got the fuel injector cleaner/tester: amzn.to/31kHwhk

    • if you can answer i appreciate. I do not know if it still sell but i rember x years ago you could buy in gaz station small bottle whit liquid that say they clean the motor and have to put in the gaz tank and i wanna know if you believe if its true and if its good idea to buy 1 and used like for example 1 time in a year.

    • Great video very informative, but for some reason my 2019 V6 Tacoma feels better when I use 93 but it uses 87, I still use 87 to save money. Don’t know why but the acceleration feels instant with 93.

    • Thought your explanation was thorough, but, I didn't hear anything about 100% Gas? I generally use 100% gas in my generator, pressure washer, and lawn equipment. But I also use it in my vehicle's from time to time because of it cleaning property's! And it doesn't have ethanol, and it has a longer shelf life. Can store over winter without drying out and corrodeding in the fuel lines and carburetor. Cost $$ more so I don't use in my daily driver except every once in a while for the cleaning property's. Plus vehicle seems to run a little better when I do! Especially if I run 2 or 3 tank fulls in a row. But I use it exclusively on my small engine utility equipment!

    • Bro you helped me out good I just did the job

    • 2004 Mustang GT. What you think.? I put premium

  • 10:47.....You Wellcome

  • Who’s here during the gas shortage lol

  • So we're trying to avoid "detonation". But how do I know if it's happening? Please help us noobs identify.

  • thankyou for not trying to spout more nonsense, I cant tell you the amount of wannabe nascar pickup trucks that put 93 in their trucks that are naturally aspirated, constantly told "you cant just put regular gas in your car, you need to treat it once in awhile." my car runs on regular gas, it has a nat. aspirated v6, says so in the manual, and it runs perfectly fine.

  • Chris,,,, you the man. Ive been working on cars a long time and really enjoyed your video!

  • I put high octane in mine because I like sniffing the exhaust.

  • Ive ran 91 octane for 45 years . I get 2 , 3 more miles to the gallon runnin premium fuel in my sbc motors . If higher octane doesnt give you more milage then why does my miles to go go up 200 miles to a gallon with premium ? If i fill up with 85 octane . Miles ta go says around 400 to 425 miles . If i fill up with 93 octane my truck says miles ta go , 610 . So i get 200 more miles to a tank runnin premium ! Speaks for it self !

  • I wish I could find 93 in Nevada. I have never seen that number most of my life...only on youtube/internet.

    • In higher altitude areas, 91 octane is the same as 93 is at sea level

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  • Hats off gotta appreciate this guy went to Big Johns auto sales down the street and bought 13 random cars to make this video!!

  • 2018 Toyota Corolla se i pump plus but i feel like regular should be good but i be trippin sometimes if i should pump regular haha.

  • All that dedication 👏 very great videos learned alot

  • So would you recommend following the specifications in the car manual? My car says the engine is build for at least 91 which isn’t all that common I typically run 93.

  • 11M views? nice

  • He literally used his prostate camera to see a piston, That's dedication.

  • It's a computer controlled system with an 02 and a knock sensor... Unless the car specifies premium the computer will adjust the timing so that Jet fuel feels like 87 octane....🤦‍♂️

  • Great video! Nicely described and I appreciated the visual aides. Here's a comment for the algorithm! :)

  • I only use top branded gas in my Highlander.More Gas additives are in these.

    • If you use a good additive with Poly ether amines like Chevron Techron Concentrate, then regular 87 plus 10 oz of Techron has more additives than premium 93 has by itself

  • Yes shell

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  • Is gasoline the same as petrol? ;)

  • Hey , Chris what gas is best for my lawn mower? (Non ethanol) where do I get it or should I just add (stable) to my gas????

    • Sta-Bil* and yeah non-ethanol is better but using stabilizer helps

  • Great post is interesting how many people I talk to don't know about octane rating. Just a general rule of thumb four cylinder cars that are n/a use the minimum octane so do the same for straight 6 unless you supercharge or turbo. Once you go towards a v6 setup you'll want something a little higher. Then once you go past all that turbo/Supercharged 4 or 6 you're in another territory high grade pump fuel or something else? It depends on engine configuration though. Smaller engine working harder creates more heat which is why octane rating makers sense.

    • Depends on the exact engine. There are big block gas V8s that run fine on 87, and most unmodified V6s are tuned for 87

  • Is it better to run e-85 or regular gasoline in a flex fuel vehicle? I have a 2013 Toyota Tundra 5.7l 4WD, and I’ve heard a mixture of yes and no and no one really seems to have a definitive answer on which is better for this particular vehicle

  • Never seen E-85 here in NYC.

  • What if I add octane booster to highest octane fuel? Any good or bad to engine?

    • It’ll just have a higher octane than necessary. No benefits and no drawbacks.

  • It's all about compression

  • you use gloves to fic your cars but you dont use gloves to pump gas, bawlsy

  • The cheapest fuel we can get it Sweden is 95 octane..

    • The Octanes here and there are identical. You all use a different scale to rate your octanes

  • Americans: OMG premium fuel is soooooo expensive Europeans: Eh, my regular stuff is more expensive than that

  • You mentioned that European gas and American gas are the same. Would you say American gas and Mexican gas are the same as well? Thanks!

  • if fuel in Europe is the same why does Toyota sale 13.5 to 1 compression prius in Europe and 13 to 1 compression prius in the U.S? and why 85 octane in Utah. is it the higher altitude above sea level lowering cylinder pressure effectively lowering compression.

  • Ahhh back when gas was ONLY 2.37

  • What about regular gas with no ethanol?

  • Wowwww, and I thought gas on VanIsle was expensive!

  • This dude is the GOAT of any car related topic

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  • Awesome information!- Thank you so much!!! Just was recommended by my Dealer to make Sure, I rum 91 in my 2017 Chevy Silverado High Country. I’m running a Corvette Engine Block, 6.2L All Aluminum with Stock 420HP. Been using only Regular in it for the 3.5 years I’ve been driving it. Occasionally, I would put in the 91 to “Clean it Out”, but after watching your video, now Know a Tank or two doesn’t take care of that. It says right on my Gas Door inside, 91. I never thought it made such a difference, except to my wallet when filling up. Now I Know, it’s like the Old Fram Oil Filter Commercials….. if I keep using Regular because it’s just a lot cheaper per tankful, I can “Pay them now… or Pay them Later”… not to mention the hassle of ot having a reliable vehicle to start ad run when you need it to. From now on, it’s All 91 All the way for me, and I do prefer the Shell Gas Stations or my Gas. The Chevy just seems to run Best on it. I’m gong to send your Video to my Dealer Service Advisor in Cobourg Ontario Canada and Tell him Thanks, for telling me the truth!!!… and I Thank you too, for a Super Explanation for a simple guy like me. At 67 Years of age, I’m always willing to learn! Good Driving my friend, I appreciate your Efforts and have Subscribed to your Video’s! ….. Joe in Ajax, Ontario Canada.

  • In my country we have 93 95 and the V-power is 97 😅

  • Mine says 98 or e10 suitable, which is better?

  • why it does not have Portuguese subtitles?

  • I wish gas prices were that low in California

  • skim milk, 2%, Whole milk, 1/2 & 1/2, 18%, Cream ?? - in 1978 regular octance was 102. It worked very well in my 1967 Mustang Coup.

  • What's your opinion on adding fuel injector cleaner to your gas once a month or at every oil change?

    • Make sure you use cleaner that containes PEAs (Polyetheramines). Otherwise it’s not even worth buying. 2 examples are Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus and Gumout Regane

  • HALF WAY DOWN on this clip has very good info. Thank you!!!!

  • Bro i want that humvee hummer, that looks badass.

  • You use the gasoline the manufactures tells you to use and that's it.

  • Question of the day: Chris do you buy auto insurance? I mean we see all your cars parked and we all know your mechanical skills when it comes to cars, so do you?

  • The fact people unliked this video 🤡

  • Another thing is there’s no way your pickup had detonation, detonation is cause by to much compression and to low of octane rating which the pickup you were showing I’m assuming has around 8.5-1 would never have issues with detonation

    • Enough carbon deposits can increase the compression ratio. Also, carbon deposits can get red hot like coals and cause pre-ignition and/or detonation

  • What you said is actually false you do get more power with higher octane all depending on what your driving for example my pickup is a 2017 Chevy 1500 l83 high output 5.3 with 11-1 compression and you can run e85 87 89 91 and so on 87 octane is not as good of gas as 91 and yes they do have more power with more octane 87 has less power making ability compared to 91 and myth busters actually proved the higher the octane the better the gas milage but as for my pickup I’ve been experimenting with fuels such as e85 which is 105 octane 91 and 87 e85 gets worse gas milage but more power for one reason e85 takes a higher fuel mixture to run properly and as for 91 and 87 the same rules apply 87 has less stored power compared to 91 which gives 91 more power and better gas milage

  • For some reason this motion picture production genius feels the need to tell me TWICE that in this video he will tell what’ gas to use in my car. What a waste of air.

  • You mentioned E-85 (85% ethanol, 15% gas) but how do we navigate using the E10 or E15 fuels (90-85% gas, 10-15% ethanol)? Are those also Flex-Fuel only blends? A pump I stopped at on a road trip ONLY had those options, which was strange. I try to stop at Shell as often as possible! Thanks for this video.

  • Now what if a pump says ethinol free?

  • I use 89 on my 2005 Ford Mustang

  • what about using non ethanol fuel

  • Towards the end were you using the term detonation same as hearing knocking?

    • Detonation and Pre-ignition both create a knocking sound

  • Funny he said higher octane doesn't effect gas mileage or performance at the beginning. That's a yes and no issue.

    • It depends on the specific engine. Some can increase the ignition timing advance if they sense higher octane for slightly better mileage and performance. Other engine will produce zero difference

  • 10k dislikes but I couldn't find any critical comment with a short scroll. If you dislike a video you better say why. It's helpful for the viewer and creator.

  • So you made an entire video to tell me to check my manual 😂 thanks bud!

  • How about how almost every octane now has some ethanol in it

  • Is the stig driving??

  • So my honda accord says 87 , should I use premium once a month to clean the car and then go back to regular?

  • Is 91 octane considered “premium”? What is difference between 91 and 93 (besides octane)? Thank you for the info!

  • 👀 at those gas prices

  • try diesel in the mustang next

  • He literally edited "Premium Required" onto his Jag's dash. 11:43 Thats dedication.

  • Are there other types of diesel or am I dumd

    • Yes but the fuel stations switch between #1 diesel for winter and #2 diesel for warmer weather without changing the labeling at the pump

  • i have a Tesla car 🤣

  • Imagine paying 1,7€ per litre of premium gasoline in Europe, not like 2,96 dollar per galon :D

  • The best fuel is obviously vodka gas is overrated

  • Some vehicles advance ignition timing until the knock censor detects knock. Then the ECU retards the timing a bit. Running higher octane may give you more HP (more advanced ignition timing) and millage but is probably not worth the extra cost. Valve number one may be clean but it's still F#@%ed.

  • The guy I bought a truck from said he got the truck Tuned. I didn’t even ask him if I should use a high Octane fuel. What should I do?

    • Ask him if he tuned the engine for any specific octane, or if he tuned it to still work with regular

  • Gas hasn’t been that low in California in years. Chilling at 4$ a gallon right now 😔

  • From the manual of my Taurus SHO • 3.5L V6 SHO/2.0L EcoBoost® engines “Regular” unleaded gasoline with a pump (R+M)/2 octane rating of 87 is recommended. Some stations offer fuels posted as “Regular” with an octane rating below 87, particularly in high altitude areas. Fuels with octane levels below 87 are not recommended. Premium fuel will provide improved performance and is recommended for severe duty usage such as trailer tow.

    • Those engines can advance their ignition timing once they sense higher octane for better mileage and performance

  • 2014 Taurus SHO Ford states that 87 or 91/93 are both good to go for it. However they say that you should use 91/93 if you are more performance minded and 87 for cheaper fill ups

  • What about studies showing the only difference between gas is the price. It has the same octane and no big difference. 1 you tuber says 1 thing you say another hmmm who to believe. I'm going to start requesting credentials. I had a Cadillac that asked for premium I put in cheap never had a problem ran like a champ

  • I always wondered what the numbers mean in gasoline fuel. Finally I got to know! Thank you!

  • How many likes I get is how many times he said octane

  • waitn V-Power is only 93 in the USA??? That is surprising for me as an german

    • Our octanes are identical to yours. You all just use a different scale to rate your octane numbers

  • Higher octane, slower burn, harder to ignite.

  • Late asking this question. But where I stay . There's just one fuel standard. And that's regular RON91 . Do octane boosters work in this case? And if they do ,which would you recommend?

  • Did this dude just troll me for a 16min video.... Yes. Do I care.... Suprisingly no

    • ? I thought all of the information was very helpful and thorough

  • Jersey is in the house!!! Great page Chris

  • criz what about the plexfuel..?

  • So many MORONS think higher octane means more power to you engine.

  • In Austria the "Normal" Gas is 95 Octane and it's called Super.

    • Our octanes are identical to yours. You all just use a different rating scale for your octane numbers

  • ROTFL, in Poland we don't even have 93 (USA premium) It's start from 95 and finish at 100 (V-power)

    • Ehhh USA and UK ...

    • Our octanes are identical to yours. You all just use a different rating scale for your octane numbers

  • Chris you are life saver because everything you explain about anything has to do with a car i absolutely understand and learn a lot may god bless you and have many more years of teaching us

  • “Honey, there’s a strange man on TV wearing a helmet talking about cars.” “Yeah I take advice from him because he’s legit. I thought we were watching cartoons?”

    • You're not the only one lol

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  • i dont even have a car idk why im watching this lol

  • In Sweden minimum octane levels are 95 which is pretty good. 98 octane is premium

  • 93 all the way

  • Are you fucking kissing me!!! I sat through the 10 minute history of fossil fuels and the answer is... Read your owners' manual!!!! How much did Shell shell out for your totally biased review? Dumb.

  • I thought these were bong pipes in the thumbnail LOL

  • My 2011 mustang shows the e-85 crossed out so obviously don't add that in , I have a couple bolt on upgrades so I should just pump 91 or 93 right?

  • i really wanna learn here but he drives one of the worst mustangs ever made...