How to PROPERLY Repair a Rust Hole in your Car or Truck (DIY for Beginners)

Publicerades den 29 apr 2020
Rust hole removal and repair. Repairing a rust hole in your car is something that should be done quickly to prevent it from spreading. You can easily do this at home with some practice and get the results you see in this video. I teach you the basics of what welder you want to use and how to weld so you can get started. I answer questions like, should you butt weld or lap weld floor panels? Rust is common at the wheel wells, quarter panels, rocker panels, and floor boards of cars and in this video I show the proper and most thorough way to remove and repair rust.
Buying this car for $300:
Rust Repair WITHOUT a Welder:
Cheap Flux Core Welder:
Cheap MIG Gas Welder:
Welder I Used:
Vent Tubing:
Full Face Respirator w/ Filters:
Rust Paint:
Sheet Metal Nibbler:
Angle Grinder:
Wire Wheel:
Digital Caliper:
Socket Set:

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  • Hi I am a retired body man and rarely comment on here but for this job I will. You sir are a true professional. If I had you as a worker I would have never closed up shop. Hats off to you.

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  • IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT TO DO THIS: I live in Pennsylvania of USA 9Duh) and this is illegal in my state and will NOT pass inspection. Research if this is legal where you are at before you do this.

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  • I have heard bad things about paint sealing like that to frame body and never to use rubberized paint if you live in rust belt area especially as it just traps in rust then it grows in the layer between the pain and metal so the outside looks great but inside it is eating it away and oftentimes even faster than if you did nothing at all. Let me know what you all think and your experience with keep rust out.

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  • I hope you intend to keep or crush this car. This is an unsafe repair that is far from proper; sectioning a floor pan where it's convenient could be very dangerous and lead to something fatal for a passenger if a wreck were to occur; crush zones compromised, seat mounts on top, let alone the multitude of other faults. Sectioning patch panels into a bedside? Sure thing. That's not bad, but there are certain (most really, but some more so than others) structural components you don't just section as you see fit, let alone label it a proper repair. Floor pan replacement isn't really a DIY job, but if you're gonna DIY it AND advertise it, do it right you hack. Completely irresponsible, doubly so given your following and your repeatedly misguided and outright false claims of it being proper, that's the worst part. Advertising shit like this WILL lead to someone being hurt or killed with all the views you get- potentially risking lives and misguiding others for views; you should be ashamed and you should make people aware of the corners your cutting to save time and money. Also outline how an actual proper floorpan R&R is done with the reasonings as to why it's the better/PROPER/safer route. SMH.

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