What's it Like to Ride in a 1500HP, Twin Turbo, Exoskeleton Drag Car? (Leroy the Savage)

Publicerades den 26 nov 2019
Here is your chance to ride in some of the most amazing drag cars in the WORLD!!! Leroy, a 1500hp, twin turbo, 30psi of boost, bald eagle machine! Ruby a 1000hp turbo and nitrous C6 Corvette! Neighbor a supercharged 1000hp tire smoking Crown Victoria. And the most winningest NHRA drag car in the world, Dan Fletchers 350ci LS wheelie popping 69 Camaro!
Cleetus McFarland: senewss.info
Dan Fletcher: danfletcheracing
VR Camera I used for these shots: amzn.to/33jJkZ1
Honda Turbo Kit: amzn.to/2OIVBAP
Gimbal I used: amzn.to/2shw4ay
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  • A Miata with a LS would be a crazy drag car it's small and light and with a LS with a single turbo like Ruby and you would be flying

  • Usually on every pass there is always something flying out of Leroy like paper time slips or water bottles it's crazy LOL!

  • I could not feel the g force of the car leaving that's the best part of the trip lol! I know this is old but Ruby is faster now then she was in this video but it's a awesome video nonetheless

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  • In Leroy I thought I was. In a top fuel dragster

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  • Use a Chevrolet zl1 Camaro as your drift car. There have been some huge wheelies with them and they look so fun!

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  • A Toyota Prius sleeper man

  • Rip to headphone users

  • so thousands of dollars spent to reach 161mph i done abit less than that in a standard Ford Galaxy Titanium....

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  • **360 YT video starts** My Computer: **Jet mode engaged**

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  • Gonna thumbs down this video, not Because of the video but strictly because they claim you're going for a ride but don't have the cameras pointed out of the car, learn how to film shit

  • 3:00

  • i bet he takes a corvette drag car THAT WOULD BE NOICE

  • Get a '69 Charger, I loved it in NFS Pro Street and was a drag king almost right away, I've won every single drag race in the game and I just really love it. Amd I wanna get that '69 Charger IRL too.

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  • Dude you make so much money off this channel god bless. Spoil yourself for once and buy something crazy for these cars instead of budget builds all the time. It’s all a tax write off anyhow.

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  • Lost by .001 second, one thousandth of a second? Id be out there with a laser and a micrometer to make sure those beam calibrations were on point!

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  • an underrated drag car is the Subaru Impreza WRX STI or even the WRX alone. AWD rips the ground when launched properly.

  • Get a mustang for drag they are just epic cars and get like a little newer one now idk your budget but a gt 2015 runs for 15k and older versions(not thr 1998-2001 they dont look awesome for drag) maybe cheaper. If you wanna go crazier get the 1970 mustang either the boss 302 or better 428-9

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