How Brake Pads are Made

Publicerades den 3 jul 2019
Brake pad replacement? Ever wonder how to make brake pads? Usually I show you a DIY like how to replace brake pads, but in this video I show you how brake pads are made!
Brake pads from this factory:
To make brake pads, we start out with raw pickled and oiled steel. The steel gets stamped into a brake pad backing plate which gets analyzed to make sure it meets OEM specifications. Next the brake pad backing plate goes to the NRS press to get a mechanical attachment. Then the backing plates get galvanized and finally brake pad friction material is added. The manufacturer can add and friction material they want such as semi-metallic, organic, or ceramic friction material. Lastly the shim is made and installed on the brake pad and they can be sent to testing! When it is all said and done, I took the brake pads we made and installed them on my truck with new brake rotors!
The company that let me film in their factory is giving all of my fans 20% off their brakes using the code "20off" at checkout. I do not make any money from this! They are doing this to get you guys to try out their new technology brake pads and I will always share a discount to help my subscribers. Here is the link:
How to replace your own brake pads and rotors:
How to Replace Drum Brakes:
Drum to Disc Conversion: Still working on this video
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  • The company that let me film in their factory is giving all of my fans 20% off their brakes using the code "20off" at checkout. I do not make any money from this! They are doing this to get you guys to try out their new technology brake pads and I will always share a discount to help my subscribers. Here is the link: This video was one of my most favorite that I have ever made! It took about a months worth of work and I hope you enjoy! It took a lot of time and work to make and NRS brakes literally closed down part of their manufacturing line so I could film this. It’s absolutely incredible how much help they were! I hope you guys like it and I hope other brands reach out so we can do more of these how-it’s-made episodes! Also I will be in Ireland for a meet-up on Saturday July 13 so check out my Instagram or SEnewss stories for more info if you are from Ireland!

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  • I changed my rear brake pads the other day (one of the pads on the drivers side was thin but the other 3 were OK). I noticed when I opened the drivers side caliper bleeder valve to push the piston back in, no brake fluid came out unlike when I did the other side but the piston did go back in easily. I took the car for a test drive and now I get a slight whooshing sound when I press the brake pedal (NOTE: its not a hissing sound). The brakes work fine and the pedal doesn’t feel spongy, its just that whooshing sound which it didn’t make before. I can hear it when Im sitting in the car but its louder coming from the engine compartment but its only when someone presses the brake pedal. I bled all the brakes, no air came out just solid fluid but the same thing still happens. Theres no leaks as the brake fluid is still at Max level and I dont see any evidence of leaking. I did a couple of brake booster tests, turned the car on for a while then turned it off, pressed the brake pedal a few times then turned the car back on and the pedal sunk as per normal. Next I turned the car on and let it idle for a while then pressed the brake pedal and turned the car off, the pedal still stays down after about 30 seconds. Finally, I turned the car on, then when turned off I pressed the brake pedal a few times, it did get a little firmer each time and the noise stops after a couple of pumps but you can still press the pedal down if you keep pumping the brake. Any ideas?

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