Surprising my Dad with his Dream Car (75% off MSRP)!!!

Publicerades den 30 dec 2019
Buying my Dad his dream car and surprising him with it out of nowhere was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I surprised my dad with a new car and he did not expect it at all! We saved over 75% off of MSRP by not buying it from the dealership!
With luxury cars it's better to let someone else buy it new and take the huge depreciation hit first. Then you can buy it at an amazing price with low mileage and just a few years old. We wrapped the car with an Indulgent Blue wrap to make it look amazing and we learned how to change the oil in an exotic car to save a ton of money!
*All-in-one* used car search website:
Where I got the large model car:
Blue Wrap I got:
Ferrari Motor Oil:
Portable Socket Set:
Oil Lab Test Kit:
Pre Purchase Inspection Checklist:
I Finally Bought My Dream Car:

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  • For 2020 we have big HOW TO videos coming out! Here is a list of videos that are FOR SURE coming out this year!!! Please comment below anything you want to see this year!!! -How to Supercharge your car on a budget (supercharging the DriftStang) -How to Turbo Your Car (Ebay Turbo the Del Sol) -How to fix a bouncy car -How to fix a sloppy/loose shifter -How to install a roll cage in a car -How to build your own car trailer -Secret new project car ;) -How to patch a rust hole in the floor of your car -How to make your own smoke machine for vacuum leaks -How to check for vacuum and evap leaks -How to install automatic bed lights in your truck (or under the hood of your car) -There is more I have been working on in 2019 to get ready for 2020 but I wont spoil the surprise! Stay tuneeeeeeed

    • My dream car is the Shelby GT500

    • Chris how is this Maserati holding up?

    • Bugatti

    • That dude in blue is just talking shut about this company For their 1st generation of this exact car being the most unreliable car in world

    • Change an oil pan gasket on that Trailblazer!

  • Why do people dislike this video??? like you dont like that someone can provide for their father???

  • Chris I have to say that you have a awesome dad with you all the wither or not he is there or not there he will be in your heart Chris.

  • Wish i had the chance to do sthg this nice for my dad!

  • Stop chopping onions... I'm crying dude. You are literally the best, I've been watching your videos for ages but I took a break, and I'm so glad i found them again! you the best!

  • I cant even afford a yaris 😔

  • Well Done Chris... My dream car would be a Red Ferrari F355 GTS Manual

  • chris fix i think you STRIP THE ENTIRE THING and restrip

  • Ly,an hypersport

  • I finally bought my dream car, a BMW 318D GT, after watching many videos from you. Keep the good work up and keep on inspiring us!

  • my dream car would be a typical lambo

  • I bought my first own car a few years back.. a 2007 VW Passat 3.2 in this beautiful blue. Im in the middle of re- painting it with my dad. He is the first I talk with about car things and we figure things out together. But my dream car at the moment, although a bit cheap, is a B6 Passat CC with the 3.6 engine. They are like 10k- 17k in good condition where I live. Not yet something I can just go and buy since I dont want to finance.. but not unobtainable at all. My dad got a -88 Chevy camaro z28 5.7 iroc-z for his 50th birthday. My dream is to some day buy a similar model and restore one with him... had so many good memories with that car driving around the country when I was the size of an fire hydrant :D. Thank you for the great videos.. next I will diagnose a noisy belt with you tips!

  • 1983 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex, or to my fellow initial D fans, the AE86

  • When the website dont have any of the car your looking for.

  • Isn’t that a Chrysler 300 with a nice dress?

  • Yo white is nice and blue is nice

  • a ferrari 288gto

  • NSX 1995 -1997 is my dream car .

  • I have my dream car already

  • Corvette c8

  • Because your Dad says, i liked the video and subscribe. Also, tears came from my eyes.

  • pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo00000oooooooooooooo0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000-0-0-0-0-0909090-0-09-=-090-=-090-=-090-098789098765r5t6y7876hrtyui8yrgesyuksedrthjvrfyuy5v7tyxttfyvtcc5765ct76vt

  • You are good son to your parents man

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  • Hey Chris, great job man! Way to go.

  • Such a beautiful moment when the dad gets the surprise.

  • Porsche 911 gt3 rs

  • I didnt give you permission to make me cry like a child.

  • you are definetly the best son they ever had

  • Next video: getting your sister her dream car.

  • Best joooooob good boy I love you type

  • I can't believe 4.2K people had the heart to dislike this, I mean why? Just goes to show there are some bitter c**ts out there

  • His dad sounds like Mike Tyson😳

  • We have now seen every member of Chris’s family, and the guys at his paint shop... but never Chris himself lol

  • a tesla

  • 1969 camaro ss

  • your dad seems so nice and kind

  • I am very sorry I am 2 years late but, My favorite dream car would be a 1961 CJ-3B jeep from the Vietnam war, My mom used to drive that jeep with her dad back in South Nam.

  • my dream car is a 1969 mustang mach 1 and when my dad was young he was gonna buy his dream car a 1967 corvette but he couldn't because he was getting married to my mom

  • My dream car is McLaren P1 or McLaren 720S

  • My dream car is a Lamborghini

  • I hope no buddy is cutting onions Ha-ha ha😂😂😂

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  • so sweet ❤

  • aaaaaand you just reminded me how much of a failure i am as a son.

  • I know this video is about a year ago but i watched it and your dad said "Comment down below whats your favorite car" mine is a 2018 Ford Mustang GT500 Shelby in red color i wished i had this car man its been my dream to have this car =

  • Chris, I am so glad that you showed AutoTempest to me in this video and in getting the Drift Stang. I used AutoTempest to find a 2005 Ford Escape with a manual transmission and 4WD, which is not common for this type of car. Great video!

  • My mom wants a car that she had when I was a baby she had to get rid of it it wouldn’t fit three car seat in the back. A camaro car

  • My dream car is a Bugatti Chiron super sport 300+ MPH

  • Cute !

  • Chris, you are a man with a good heart! Thank you!

  • Hi Chris fix & dad your car is gorgeous wow what a present d ream come true,I have had my dream car for 2 years now I own a 2010 diesel xf jaguar 60,000 miles cherry red with tan interior very happy with it !,its show room condition drives great very comfortable a great big (trunk)we call it boot in UK easily swallows up my golf bag & clubs still loads of room left ,I have a built in 6 disc CD player in dashboard heated f/r windows to many other extras to name I will 9nly replace it with a new one but why change it if not broken enjoy your dad fix?

  • The person who did the emissions test: Hold up

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  • Absolutely wonderful video! You are a precious son!

  • This is the greatest channel on SEnewss hands down. Great job Chris

  • My dream car is a chevy camero zl1 if they want to put inside a v12 it will be lovley and a twin turbo ;)

  • Those damn onions man.

  • You didn't change the air filter with oil filter and oil change ?

    • No the air filters were new

  • My dreem car is a 1969 dodge charger

  • I swear he buys the most unreliable cars possible just to make a video

  • Chocked up

  • I’m smiling

  • a year and a half and no leak detection video

  • A millionaire buys his father a car. Noice

  • Once in a while I come back here to remind myself that good deeds like this do happen still.

  • Sadly my dream car is a 71 mustang Mach 1. A bit too pricey for me, but one can dream! I'm getting my second(ish) place dream car here in 6 weeks, a 2021 challenger r/t.

  • My dream car is an mercedes gt

  • 1967 Shelby GT500

  • Imagine disliking a video of someone giving back to there parents

  • 72 Nova SS White with blue stripes

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  • also i literally just found a 2001 audi tt roadster quattro for a literal 9,900 dollars on auto tempest lol

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  • Who has had luck negotiating down 2-4 thousand dollars from a used car. Whether in a dealer or private seller! I haven’t had any luck. Need some tips!

  • Chris, did you negotiate the price in person or through text?

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  • Chris: 👆 🤏 👌

  • 8:39 my subtitles said "Monkey by far for numerals but upon closer"

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  • my father has a car from 2010 we bought a sun shade piece from a shop that I can attach and dettach easily

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