How to Repair a DEEP SCRATCH in Car Paint (DIY)

Publicerades den 26 jan 2021
Learn how to repair a deep scratch in the paint of your car. In this case someone keyed my car so I will show you how to remove a deep scratch from that using a touch up paint pen. Fixing scratches in your car's paint is simple and if they are just clear coat scratches it is even easier.
To remove deep scratches you need to clean the scratch, sand the scratch, use touchup paint on the scratch, sand that paint smooth with the factory paint job, add clear coat, and wet sand that smooth with the factory paint. Then you can polish the whole panel and you are done!
Clear Coat Scratch Repair:
Paint Pen:
1000-1500-2000 Grit:
3000 Grit Sandpaper:
5000 Grit Sandpaper:
Polishing Pad:
Microfiber Towel:
Isopropyl Alcohol:

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  • To start sanding only after 1 hour is too little time. 24 hours minimum the paint to dry.

  • Does anyone know if this will also work on your bumper. Which is plastic not steel.

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  • What happens when u use the wrong 2-in-1 color?

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  • Hey Chris, any tips on black paint? When you sand the touch up paint it turns to a gray color and no longer matches the factory paint.

    • @John Anderson I'm not sure that the polish will help as the color will be sealed by the clear coat.

    • Have the same thing, currently on touch up, the polish with abrasivness should do it. My issue is though, that when I sand, the color of sand paper transfers to the paint.

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    • @Thibaut Hugon I didn’t really ask him to explain why, but I tried following the video. I just think it won’t come out perfect like a normal cheaper paint.

    • @Slimmy did the bodyshop explain why the pearlescent paint cannot be repaired? And reason of the light reflection? If the paint pen contains the same paint than the OEM, with the good amount of pearls... then I don’t see why it could be messed up

    • @Thibaut Hugon because I tried it and it didn’t work and I went to a bodyshop and he said you can’t really touch up pearlescent paints

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  • I thought that the scratch is still visible and it turns out that my phone screen is just cracked

  • Very good job. I would use a polisher instead of hand polishing, but you show how it can be done by hand. All the dislikes are from body shops that lost out on the busines!!

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  • Thanks for posting this - very detailed and clear as always! This encouraged me to take care of a massive rock chip that happened to me recently. Just posted the story on my channel. It was definitely an interesting challenge to fix since I had a black exterior. I was worried about how it was going to come out, but it looked pretty nice at the end!

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  • I tried this and the touch up paint doesn’t dry in an hour. Google says 48 hours which seems more right.

  • I followed Chris's steps to fix some decent chips and small scratches on my truck. As a first timer, I got really good results. Bought my truck used, and it had a bunch of rock chips, and small scratches that were down to the primer. With practice I think I can pretty good at this.

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  • my car got deep scratched today, gonna dive in and follow the steps. wish me luck.

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  • Thanks for the tips Chris. I'm going to repair what looks like a shopping cart chip on my 2 week old BRAND NEW truck's rear metal bumper! I have a question for you, or anyone else that wants to comment.. Does applying the touch up paint "higher" than the clear coat (as you do in this video) have better results than if you were to keep the touch up paint "lower" than the surrounding clear coat and then applying a higher layer of clear coat? I've seen other videos, as well as instructions on touch up pen sites, state to keep the paint below the clear coat and apply clear coat higher. Thanks again for the videos. Subbed!

  • Thanks for the amazing video! You have a great talent for public speaking. Clear, direct and not monotonous in any way. You have saved a lot of money for people. You deserve a LOT of credit! Well Done!

  • Chris does anyone make a Clearcoat similar to the same paint used in base coat clear coat with the hardener in small quantities. All the touch up paints are made of Lacquer Paint including the clear. I have a Black ‘99 Corvette with a scratch in the roof pretty deep that looks like it could be filled with just clear coat. The scratch is maybe 3” long maybe 3/16” Wide. I purchased the car that way believe it or not back in 2010 and lived with it. The fellow who owned the car before me dropped the roof panel when placing it inside the Hatchback area of the car. I usually use Duplicolor spray paint in the rattle cans for touch up with great results including their clearcoat. I just don’t know how long the Clearcoat will last but it buffs out nice where you can’t even tell on a basecoat clear coat painted car. Years back when GM first came out with base clear they used a Lacquer base then cleared it with the newer type of clear with the hardener mixed in. I see you can buy it on Amazon but it is pretty expensive for small work and once you use it, it is not like putting a can of lacquer clear coat where you can put it back on the shelf. The newer product has a short shelf life. I am tempted to do it all with Duplicolor clear and wet sanded and buff it out when ready. I repaired the nose on a 2006 Corvette 3 years ago with Duplicolor Rattle Can Paint. The dealer put 3 screws into the nose of the car to mount a license plate holder. Filled the 3 holes in the nose. Wet sanded the area. Used Duplicolor spray primer. Lightly wet sanded it and Sprayed the area with the Duplicolor Equivalent Red Paint and then Clearcoated it all with Duplicolor. Buffed it with Mequires and I can’t tell the difference and I am as particular as they come. The car spends more time indoors but it hasn’t changed any from what I could see. My question is if it was left out in the weather everyday it may tell a different story. The ‘99 stays indoors most of the time also. Curious of your thoughts on the subject.

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