How to Remove Spray Paint from a VANDALIZED Car

Publicerades den 16 jul 2020
Learn how to remove spray paint and overspray from your car's paint, plastic headlights, glass windows and windshield. If you get spray paint on your car, whether accidental overspray or because it was vandalized, this video will show you how to easily remove it using simple tools and products. I bought this vandalized car for a huge discount because it has spray paint all over the body, headlights, windshield, and windows so let me show you how to clean it off! And after this car is cleaned up, I am selling it on eBay and donating the proceeds to charity!
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Tools and Products I used:
Car Soap:
Clay Bar Kit:
Aggressive Clay Bar:
Cleaner Wax:
Headlight UV Coating:
Headlight Restoration Kit:
Microfiber Towels:
Microfiber Wash Mit:
Foam Cannon:
Pinstripe Remover Wheel:
Pressure Washer:
How to Super Clean the Interior: coming soon
How to Remove Sugar from the Gas Tank: coming soon
How to Touch-up Deep Scratches: coming soon
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  • This mini-series should be fun and educational, and then once Susan is fixed up, you can buy her here using the eBay Motors app: so we can raise a bunch of money for charity!

    • @TheRealSUSHI68 There is zero evidence of that.

    • Hi Chrisfix, thanks for making this video! I just have one question, do you think method would work the same for a vehicle warpped in livery? My car is wrapped in all white livery all over as it is required for work. thanks!

    • Do you have any videos on how to remove small stone dents?

    • Also send the video of auctioning the car...with the new your another new vlog channel.

    • Hey

  • Lesson of the day; Ebay motors are good people.

  • learn to spell chris it will be water (soapy water)

  • Bro it’s already been 9 months sense Chris fix uploaded this it feels like last month

  • i got paint put on my car's hood,( not spray paint) normal white paint splattered on in a 6 inch area approx, how do i take this off?? Thanks great videos by the way

  • Who's ex girlfriend did this?

  • That car had all the cliché stuff done to it. Like he did it just to make videos on it

  • Hey Can You Show How To Remove Spray Paint From Diamond cut alloys

  • the rear seat hand prints looks shockingly similar to Chris' :) lol

  • 6:00 I was always told to only use those covers for a rode trip that takes longer then one day. So bugs and crap get on the cover and not to the car. Because it’s not like you’re going to wash your car during the road trip

  • the car was worth just for about 2 RTX 3090's

  • I m starting to think Chris is vandalising his own cars ...

  • What , no CHEATER written on it ? She clearly wasn’t that mad

  • I have a totalled car that has been vandalized and needs to go. 😔

  • Nice charity move, wooder. Thats a solid! love it

  • You're telling me you don't like them black racing stripes

  • u are the best!

  • Hi chris can u make a video or tell me how to repair a rough scratch like the paint and is gone u can see the metal?

  • Professionals remove quick and easy with a soft white cloth and just a little acetone. It will not remove the paint from the car. spray the car with water immediately after.

  • You don’t necessarily need to lubricate glass when using a razor on it, but it does help

  • I bought a car that was completely spray painted all over by the previous owner. What do you recommend I do

  • Amatuer vandal - spraypaint, key scratch Champion Vandal - sledgehammer the windshield, molitov cocktail thrown inside

  • Take WD40 and old t-shirt or soft towel and have it off in 3 minutes without damage. (If the spray on is recent)

  • You're awesome

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  • Just why they DO THIS SHIT on car's pfff

  • Try using brake clean it works for me every time !

  • this is why you should probably just wrap your car.

  • Is this the same car that got keyed?

  • 25:25 how did you magic wipe fix the 2 paint chips?

  • Dude, i hate to correct you, but 09:37 shows the solvent evaporating... Solvent is such a fugitive fluid, it evaporates in a matter of seconds...

  • What kind of a prick gets a $4k offer and counters for another $250. C’mon man.

  • WOW! Someone acted like an A##.

  • Paint takes a lot of prep and care to stick well. A spray can job on your car will come off easily. The steps in this video are avoid microscratches in the clear coat, as if it were a nice new car. However this is a cheap car with a salvage title. You can just take some acetone on a rag or a magic eraser and wipe if off in under 5 minutes. The microsratches you won't be able to see unless the light hits it at the right angle, and if you weren't careful drying the car after washing before it's probably already covered with them anyways.

  • I just have one question. What kind of charity did you donate the money to?

  • @ChrisFix you are awesome! Do you by any chance have any experience with shotgun fungus or artillery fungus removal from the car's paint? The plant's seeds are so hard to come off and can damage the coating. Do you have any tips? Helppp!!!! xoxo

  • Thanks for the f*k shack - Jim an the boys

  • I don't quite understand the whole picture. the seller supposedly said he has been trying to fix the car but the paint didnt come off so he sells it with a loss. But as far as i can see the paint is coming off with water hose which shouldnt happen if the seller even triedto clean it and also it's covered in dust and mud too so he didnt even give it a regular wash. Sound like a set-up to me? This wasn't sold by a regular old Joe now was it.

  • i liked the blade mods! thank you :)

  • Wow thank you for the video extremely helful

  • I tried nail polish remover and it worked really good

  • They drove a chrylser home as a first car and did all this because well it is a 200 lol. Pos all in one. Best of all it happened to this 200 so I am very satisfied. Bring me a chrysler 200 I will do the same.

  • Fatal Attraction part 2

  • Who ever did this is very childish karma is a mofo

  • If you don't want to do all that you can hire me to install a Ceramic Coating on you car. Nothing will stick to it again.

  • I swear, you can fix any car regardless of what happened to it!


  • Kinda disturbing that this video was recommended for me one day after the Brooklyn Center riots started! I live 1/2 mile away from ground zero where they're protesting at the PD. They've looted and burned a ton of businesses in my area. I just keep praying they leave the residential neighborhoods and cars alone! :(

  • Susan really pissed somebody off.

  • don't complain about Susan's bra, it's the only part of the car without overspray!

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  • I am an ocd car cleaner, so I love Chrisfix, I already know a lot of what he shows in his videos but I have also learned a lot as well, my dad was a mechanic and bought cars restored them and sold them for a profit back in the 70's, he did mechanical work some body work and even taught himself how to upholster so he could make seats, there is a satisfaction that comes from not only cleaning but restoring a car or anything for that matter to like new.

  • The car looks like someone cheated his wife.

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  • Your vids are very informative and fun to watch ! Old school was easy compared to late model cars today but I still try to work on my own. 04 fx4 is much more involved than the 94 I had before, Thanks !

  • You are a really good guy man, you make the world a bit more happy and when i watch your videos i feel a good feeling coming up :) Greetings from Germany

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  • What's the best way to remove water spots off the outside windows? I tried the fine wool/glass cleaner. Is there anything else that works better?

  • That's not eBay Motors that's offer up dude

  • @ChrisFix or anybody else, Hi, I'm just wondering if anybody has done this on a car that was convered in vehicle livery (AKA a "wrap") which was sprayed with grafitti. Thank in advance!

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  • Can't we use a blade and water on the head lights? Like you did on the window glass??

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  • Even works on crazy girlfriend's "art"

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  • Who else noticed a 2016 Chrysler 200 and a 2016 Chrysler Pacifica is like a Tesla Model S and X?

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  • 18:39 As a professional window cleaner, I have to use scrapers on glass a lot and really, the safest way is to use forward strokes only. It's so tempting to go backwards and forwards, but the back stroke increases the chance of debris getting caught under the blade and scratching the surface. Great video and amazing tips.

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