How to Buy a Budget Friendly Project Car

Publicerades den 26 mar 2021
Learn how you can buy a project car for less than the cost of a new cell phone! Project cars are great for learning how to fix a car and when you are "done" (project cars are never done), you can be proud to drive the car you fixed up!
In this series eBay Motors challenged me to buy a 24hr endurance race car for the 24hrs of Lemons race series. The car I chose had to be fast, reliable, and under $500!
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  • Sell the sunroof and mechanism, door panels, door and trunk latches (weld that shit), rear seatbelts, rear window mechanism (Jerry rig it up), grille, side mirrors (get some junky junkyard ones),

  • 12:10 rare fottage of bmw driver using turn signals!!!!

  • Wait, cant he just sell the 2nd seat?

  • i think chris should open a mechanic shop because he makes it look easy and fast

  • sell the back seats. for 40 usd. or something

  • Sell the wing?

  • i have family that used to work for my county and ordered all the car parts for all the police cars and they used firestone tires

  • toyo tires are really reliable

  • I dont think the back seats count as safety so you can sell that

  • Knew that would be e36 or e46 hahah

  • 11:49 i saw your neck, hahahaha, thats horiible tough steering

  • when is the race

  • You can sell the spare tire or the factory tool kit if you still have it in the car

  • Big fan of bmw and yours also🙏

  • i was thinking about the windows as well but the problem is the rain \

  • you could also sell the console only leave the shifter and the e brake

  • Couldn’t you sell the passenger and back seats to get rid of the 4 laps?

  • The wheels Chris sell those

  • Good Luck Chris! Looks like the event will be a blast!

  • If I know anything about cars, go with Michilen or Toyo tires, depends if you want endurance, or grip, toyo is better on grip, michilen if you want longer tread time, also sell the other seats

  • Somebody watched Top Gear (Clarkson) trying to complete an endurance race in a Beemer 3 series.

  • Are you able to sell seats that are not the driver's seat? Cause if you could, that'd easily get you under 500. But if not, you could mark up the four items you wanted to sell by 10 bucks each to make it. You'd still be slightly under eBay value.

  • Hi Chris i was wondering if i should get a toyota celica 1990 as a project car they are pretty cheap at 1000$ and i mostly wanted your insight at it.

  • My boys wicked Smart 🤓 🛠️🔧

  • Always go Michelin for tires man

  • video title: how to buy a budget project car video: how to fix bmw

  • hey chris i’m pretty new here so idk if you’ve done this before but my 2012 honda civic coupe doesn’t have any sound coming from the speakers, i’ve connected the aux and nothing goes, any ideas, the radio doesn’t work either

  • Isn't the Maserati a european car?


  • "its leaking oil, but thats all bmw s" lmao but as a german I have to 100% agree

  • Ngl but the key scratch looks like it was meant to be there lol

  • You should have bought a Volvo🥺

  • when does lemons start

  • Why is there a bullet

  • My dad is a tyre fitter and you should try vredestein my dad run it on his van a his van Waze 3380 tone empty

  • Sell the sunroof motor

  • Sooo is Chris fix the stig??? I got those vibes for a hot sec

  • gun bullet at 20:53 anyone else

  • Chris when are you making another video about this because i rlly liked this video

  • I thought you said n54 engine at first and I was like nah you would kill it in the competition being able to tune that engine like crazy for cheap but it didn’t show up til 2007 in the 335i

  • Bro modify this car and put modidying vedio

  • I like how he says he's gonna delete the sunroof as if he could right click and press delete

  • Nice got it right. First i thought Nissan or Subaru because of the heck spoiler. But the shape looked more BMW. Yay was right and really interesting to see you fix this one up. There is this German (English speaking) SEnewsser you might wanna hook up

  • 20:54 is that a 9mm? In here BMW are armed theres a notch in the bottom so its just a case

  • Sell the floor mats

  • I’d recommend federal 595 rs-rr’s very sticky

  • Ok so he need power steering and oil light and he’s installing wheels and a seat and safety equipment

  • You could sell your spare tire and the flat tire tools they give you

  • I want to see the supercharger video

  • Chrisfix powersteering video.. hahha

  • That’s why I love you man you always keep it real

  • Could sell all the interior door panels and any plastic trim peace’s you can pop off

  • Finally a BMW my dream so know I know how to fix it when I grow up

  • Floor mats

  • Sell te logo

  • 20:54 Juul charger

  • Very nice indeed

  • i had the sunroof problem on my 2004 ford focus,it was full of snow the next day

  • I love coop

  • ps4s tires

  • Sell your sunroof for $300 also how about SEnewss being your theme?

  • so he has to buy a car and modify it for 500$ and end up buying a BM for 1100$ ?! I don't follow...

  • can't wait for 2023 when the supercharger and turbo video come out

  • How about you sell the car & run the laps

  • 14:30 strengthens: Patriotism Weaknesses: *COMMUNISM* I like this joke mere than i should XD

  • I Need to see the install of EVERYTHING!

  • "Budget Friendly" and "Project car" weren't meant to be used in the same sentence

  • Falken race tirws

  • Try selling the carpets

  • Chris I want an mhrsadis uaswe

  • When you're gonna keep another vedio on this bmw

  • Hey Chris - Do you have a video on replacing a cam belt on a front wheel drive engine?

  • Poor Benz...😔

  • ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

  • LOL Zak

  • BMW's already have a built in battery disconnect for accidents. If the air bags deploy, so does the disconnect.

  • Gut the whole back and sell the rear seats


  • need reinforcement plates that clunk


  • why not you use the NFS MW 2005 BMW M3 GTR liveries the HERO vinyl

  • at first i thought he just buy an BMW M3 GTR

  • For the tyre I suggest 225 semi slicks

  • does anybody now a website like autotempest but then for europe?

  • I think for tires, GoodYear Assurance tires would be best. Also selling unneeded buttons in the car like window switches could get you a little bit of money.

  • You can sell the back seats

  • I have been following the 24 hours of lemons for some time. Although some other channels have done vids about the experience of racing. This is the 1st one that is willing to talk about what goes into building the car itself. Excellent! Chris, have you thought about spares to take to the race track? Motor, gearbox, diff? Are you not allowed to sell the old wheels? This is the story that got me to subscribe to your channel.

  • I had an 03' Liberty with no power steering, that thing was an absolute NIGHTMARE to drive as my daily

  • you guys can probably sell the AC vents and the center console, maybe the backseats as well?

  • Sell the spoiler and shark fin antenna

  • You could sell the interior door panels, headliner, a/c system, center console

  • Toyo R888 tires

  • MAYBE you could sign those parts and sell on ebay for a price heigher than the price they have there. Or instead of selling on ebay, do it on a meet and greet. 🤷‍♂️

  • When are you doing a part 2

  • Mi just getting a 320i lol

  • That dog is so cute

  • Soooo we not gonna talk about the blue Maserati in the back ground🤷🏻‍♂️

    • that’s his dads, he made a video on it.

  • When are u going to put the charger in your mustang

  • Chris fix more like stig because he’s suit

  • sell the rear seats