DIY Odor Remover (For Your Car)

Publicerades den 1 apr 2020
Have bad odors in your car because you just ate a bean borrito? Farting up a storm with a friend on a road trip? Well fear no more, in today's video I show you how to install your own car fart odor remover right into the seat of your car. The odors pass through an activate carbon filter and no one will smell a thing!
Fart Spray:
Charcoal Filter:
Fuse Tap:
On/Off Switch:
Hog Ring Pliers:
Impact Gun:
Torque Wrench:
Alex Sells His Miata:
Blinker Fluid:
Piston Return Springs:
Muffler Bearings:
Summer/Winter Air:
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  • So for everyone thinking this is a joke... well originally it was, but now, after making this, it’s definitely not haha. It works so well and it’s based on a true story. I for real thought of this on a road trip down to Georgia to jump Raptors with my buddy bc we had bad gas lol.

    • Hello Chris. If one changes fan radiator putting a bigger one does it have an effect on cooling.

    • Can you... can you reverse the polarity so it airs your butt 🥺👉👈

    • @Benediktas Launikonis fasweta chris

  • Thank you for your help thank you

  • So we are not sure how much time

  • I don’t really care about farting in my car but I do live in Texas and can’t afFord a truck (pun intended) with cooling seats and now I know how to make my own.

  • "go and get this one and spray it in your car, you will never do it again" this one got me so hard

  • OMG fart spray now !Haha

  • Haha ! @ 1:50 Typical Fart is 1cubic foot..Who even knows that

  • The information and videos you provided to dear Chris are very informative. Thank you for that. I have a request from you. Can you please add Turkish language support?

  • Haha Rolls Royce doesn't has this function

  • i couldn't stop laughing throughout this tutorial. thank you ChrisFix, working on your car doesn't have to be necessary, it can also be fun

  • Good video Chris

  • could you make a video on how to reupholster a car seat ?

  • realised this was april fools joke at 2:01

  • This is so goofy wtf

  • No one will ever know but over 1.7 million people know 🤣

  • “A typical fart is less than one cubic foot!” 😂 I’ve experienced some atypical ones.

  • I really like watching your cleaning videos. I am watching one right now- I was wondering if you every use an ozone machine for a musty or just stinky car? I love my ozone machine and I use it in my garage a lot.

  • If you are vegan this is a must!

  • Do you gut a new practice car

  • Chris fix please show your face in one of your videos please I wanna see your tell your face

  • This is not comfortable 🤣🤣

  • 15:35 😊😊😊😊it was at this moment that he realised that he had facked up.

  • Hey man I play football and have to keep the pads and clothes etc in my car

  • Just make sure you get the fan polarity right :-)

  • Chris is so good at what he does that when he tries to do something as a joke it actually works as intended xD

  • Oh snap this a year ago. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • They should probably make this a standard included feature in all cars lol. Not an add on.

  • Your saying Phil sold his miata? How sad

  • It would helped if you washed the seat covers instead...

  • Really you got rid of Phil for this

  • 2016: Blinker Fluids 2017: Muffler Bearing 2018: Piston Return Springs 2019: Winter and Summer Air 2020: DIY Odor Remover 2021: Wheel bearing Asmr

  • Hey chrisfix what will be the first soon video the turbo or the supercharger?

  • Odor remover... nah FART NEUTRALIZER

  • To pass some gas

  • I would put those fans in my pc.

  • Idk any luxury car that has this feature, but when I do i will know ChrisFix did it first

  • Wow April

  • It's sad he broke his tradition this year and didn't upload anything for April fool's day.

  • 1 year later: charcoal filter smelling like a sewer

  • Hey Chris that was fun, but what if the time comes when you have to clean your seat like, when you are detailing your car, could the dry and wet vaccum wor on it or not?

  • Hey Chris that was fun, but what if the time comes when you have to clean your seat like, when you are detailing your car, could the dry and wet vaccum wor on it or not?

  • brooo... have the fans turn on if a methane dector detects methane gasses.

  • Tomorrow’s April 1 hopefully a new video

  • 16:45 Alex Kersten (Car Throttle)

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  • I flooded my Room with my fart before, it smelt so bad - and I made my Computer Chair vibrate from my fart. TMI!!!!!!!!!

  • ChrisFix would never show us interior mods without cleaning it first!

  • Chris you know the roll cage I have a idea for the colour black roll cage but have lots of Chris fix sticker like a sticker bomb

  • He is doing it by experience

  • 60000000

  • Hahhaha this is the best!! I thought it was something with the filter but it's literally to take away fart smells are they're dealt! Hahaha! Awesome Chris

  • so he has time to do a fart remover seat video but we are all still waiting for the turbo vid 😂🤣

  • Please make a. But we a

  • Dude I'm not even joking. This is revolutionary

  • Hodor remover? :(

  • اضف الغه العربيه رجاء

  • Need it when I used drive taxi

  • Hello Chris. If one changes fan radiator and putting a bigger one does it have an effect on cooling?

  • Hi Chris! Wait did I see the Mercedes Project Car please let me know

  • This is freaken awesome lol

  • I can't believe this video isn't even a year old yet. It genuinely feels like at least 3 years since I've last seen it.

  • I thought he was shitting me. NOPE!

  • but my car has leather seats😢

  • Does this project sound like my PS4?

  • i saw a 75A fuse, wtf for?

  • You must have really great neighbors 👍 Not only 8 cars on your drive,Drilling,hoovering and now fart spray 💩💩💩😂 I hope you buy them all Xmas presents 🎁 Quality videos by the way 👍

  • Ugly switch I'm sure you can find a much nicer one

  • boy u do have ran out of ideas

  • Even when you do a joke video, you're great.

  • Your videos are the best how-to videos on SEnewss. You are an extremely gifted teacher.

  • I love how this is a joke but it actually worked

    • Oh! Hi @ChrisFix didn’t expect to wake up to that. Love your content. Ik it’s a big question but, would you consider a series about restoring your Ford wind star van?

    • It works surprisingly well!

  • I'm in Asia, and this idea now in 2021 is in production car. check out the Kia Sonet 2021, it has blow fan under the seat instead of sucking fan, a bit different but it's basically the same idea and principal. chrisFix should patented this method first time out.

  • I think i only notice this the video was uploaded in april 1 its april fools so the and the things ..... yep

  • lmao how did i miss this april fools so good

  • Take respect so I took apart this PC that had a fan and I used a 9 volt battery with those fans on the PC and then I took it apart and then had the fans and then I used it in my home and it worked pretty well and I was absolutely impressed yeah but yeah pretty much it works super well I might go on your Instagram to post you an image of the circuit you can see the entire circuit to which is awesome but yeah I wanted to tell you about this chrisfix make sure make sure to listen to make Shore to check up on this video for the comments that I made

  • Do you think this would work with leatherette seat covers?

  • In the start o thought “is that a suuuuupra” I know it isn’t

  • I mean........ Kinda genius tho

  • this is an unusual but cool video LOL

  • Can you please show us how to install LED strip lights for the headlights

  • 16:47 nice front wheels.

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  • What state was the south of border in

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  • Aakash

  • Has anyone tried for smoke smells? Does it work? I'm gonna try it regardless but just wanted to know if someone has tried it other then fart smells LOL

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    • Yes, stay tuned!

  • With my friends and I, we would have put the windows UP before we farted. Well..what I mean is that before I'd fart, I would quietly put my window up..maybe distracting my friend first, thus gagging my friend. And he'd try the same on me. The ultimate is if you can hold your fart until you're just starting in the car wash where your friends can't open the windows. That's the holy grail. Stink them out, watch them dry heave!

  • Oh man, i could use on for my Bed right now. I'm farting all the time while watching your Video! 🤢